Tools for DXers


DXers targeting North and South American medium wave stations may find this tool useful. Take the I/Q recordings made with your favorite SDR and SDR software, and wavFFT will show you on which frequency you will find an interesting station. wavFFT can also save the data as CVS for later use, e.g. with wavView10K.

The user interface:

The result looks like this:


If you find it cumbersome to look at pictures with spectrum plots, you may want to try this program. It reads CVS files generated by wavView10K, and puts them into an interactive GUI. You can zoom into the analysis, pan around, get detailed time, file and frequency information. Click on a location in the spectrum to play it with the internal player.


wavFFT Installer for Windows
wavView10K Installer for Windows

Other operating systems could be supported on request. Please contact me!


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